Meshy's X Luxoba Collaboration Luxoba
Meshy's X Luxoba Collaboration Luxoba
Meshy's X Luxoba Collaboration Luxoba


Meshy's X Luxoba Collaboration

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Meshy's X Luxoba 

A collaboration between two of the best things in life, candles and jewellery.

Let this exclusive limited edition candle create a truly unique experience. Enjoy candlelight ambiance with a 18k gold chain with a heart shape pendant - the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

Meshy's Candle

Unwind with Meshy's X Luxoba candle and experience Peony's Solace. A scent created just for this collaboration. This specially curated scent notes are inspired by the blooming peony flowers that fuses with a flirtatious bite of juicy red apple. A heady blend of opulent jasmine, rose and gillyflower is met by the soft sensuality of white tea.It comes in a beautiful aesthetic jar that will bring serenity to any room.

Luxoba Jewellery

This mystery piece is made of stainless steel, gold plated that won't tarnish and can be worn everyday. 

How does it work? 

  • Light up the candle on a stable surface.
  • Let the candle burn for about 30-45 mins.Enjoy the wonderful aroma that will fill your space.
  • Within this time frame, you will notice an aluminum foil.
  • Snuff out the flame, and using a pair of tweezers pick up the foil and unravel it to reveal your mystery jewellery.